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Do you go to the gym and feel lost? Not knowing what exercises to do, how many reps to do, how to combine it all together?

Do you get overwhelmed by a workout thinking you don’t have enough time to get it in?

Do you travel and think, there is no way I can get a workout in while on the road, I will do it when I get home?

Before becoming a personal trainer I was this way too!! This guide is a roadmap for you to get a quick and effective workout in time that fits into your schedule.

This workout guide first came to life when I was traveling through Europe and documenting how I got my workouts in with limited equipment.  One day I would be in a hotel in Stockholm with a big gym with plenty of equipment.  The next day I was in a boutique hotel in Tuscany, Italy with no gym and just a park and some resistance bands.  But guess what? I still got my workouts in consistently.

This guide can be used daily or while traveling.  The purpose is to help you get your workout in no matter how much time or equipment you do/don’t have!  Use it, enjoy it!

If you are having trouble getting the workout in and holding yourself accountable I am here for you too.  Schedule a consultation and we can find a way to make your healthy lifestyle!



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