About Me

Oh hello there!

I am a ginger (duh), born and raised in Rhode Island, some of my favorite things are dogs, almond milk lattes, anything soft & snuggly, wine, hikes and the beach. .

I am an online fitness coach living in Newport Beach, California. I believe in LIFE BALANCE and that fitness FITS into everyone’s life but in a DIFFERENT way. My goal is to help YOU find YOUR way 💫

Before starting my online business I started in fitness as a group fitness instructor and working as a personal trainer. BEFORE THAT I worked in the financial services industry in Boston as an internal auditor. So I love polices, spreadsheets, and structure. 🤓

Long work hours and weeks & weeks of international travel left me struggling to find how fitness fit into my adult life. I lost my connection to my passion of fitness – which came from being a Field Hockey player and coach in college. 🏑

Eventually I found how to make fitness part of my life!! 🌟By learning to NEVER PUT MYSELF LAST! Because I learned that if I didn’t take care of myself I couldn’t succeed at the other aspects of my life.

Back in touch with my passion for fitness I moved across the country to So Cal. I tried to continue my corporate life but I was miserable. I kept feeling this pull towards fitness. Once I saw the positive effect I could have on someone’s life through fitness I quit my career as an internal auditor. I took a leap from all the things policies, spreadsheets, corporate, and structured (my comfort zone) and dove into programming, barbells, and motivation.

Oh did I mention I was 28 when I did this? Yeah scary AF. 🤣🙈 Now at 30 and 2 years into my fitness career I can honestly say I am doing what I feel I am meant to do. A clients’ success brings a 😃 to my face or sometimes even 😭 because I am so proud and honored that I got to make a positive impact on someone’s life. .

And that’s just a little bit about me!  I hope if nothing else my story encourages you to do what makes you happy!

Let’s kick some booty together!
– GingerSnap